We’re a group of passionate individuals who illustrate concepts, design lifeless brands, recreate messages thru video editing and most especially, we animate ideas that sells. We explore different ways of serving our clients from the complex games & apps to the most detail-focused tech industry – any field, to be exact. With the science of conversion, our illustration is more informative, the infographics we produce persuades and our 2D animation are flexible to suit any purpose.

Meet The Team
Dennis Azaña
Creative Director
Alexandra Goingo
Project Lead
Jessa Almagro
Art Director
Carlo Alegre
Lead Animator
Shannen Espeña
Storyboard Artist
Daryl Colinares
Flash Animator
Roanne Gardose
Graphic Artist
Nico Dayandante
3d Animator
Chester Deuda
Marketing Research & Analyst
Michael Boaquiña
Marketing Communication Manager
Christine Castro
Project Manager
Samuel Jagasijas
IT/Web Developer
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