We will get you acquainted with our services and how to start your own explainer video. Once we have discussed and agreed on the video style, length and the project terms, we'll send you the contract for signing. After receiving the signed document, we will further discuss the project details with you.
After the contract signing, we'll send you the questionnaire to gather data about your project. We can set up a call on skype or other means to clarify points to consider. You may also provide us existing documents, assets and other materials to speed up the production.
All materials needed will be uploaded on our collaboration platform “Basecamp.” Our project manager will be inviting you to join on site. Once signed in, we can make project updates until the end of the production process.
We enlist professional scriptwriters to churn out an ideal script for your video by highlighting key points and emphasizing the most essential information needed for the target audience. Unless you're armed with a killer-script, we're ready to skip this step.
Our storyboard artist takes the key elements from the script and develop a general frame that will perfectly segue the blueprint of the final video. With an eye for choreography and composition, each scene will be highlighting the most essential information to engage the target audience.
We would like to give you great idea of what the finished video will look like. We'll show you full-color frames that visualizes each main scene and determine the style and look of the video.
This is the stage where everything, according to plan, is made digital. Our artists will illustrate the characters to aid the narration of the video, static and/or animated. Our original illustrations may also be paired with stock photos and video clips to interpret the message perfectly.
Once the script is ready, we will let you hand-pick one of our professional voice over artists who will smooth out the video's narration. If you're aiming to reach an international audience, we can also provide a version of the final video in a different language.
All graphics will be flawlessly animated with on-cue graphic movements and life-like characters. Audio comes together with animation, so we make sure to pick the most fitting, royalty-paid, and high-definition music for a more professional result.
Our project manager will make sure that all the requirements have been fulfilled, and that the video has met all the expectations outlined in the initial planning. Once the final payment has been settled, we will deliver you the final video and is now ready to take off the digital world.
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