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Working with Modeo Media couldn’t be any easier. Our process has been streamlined to make every step as simple as it can be, to that we, both you and our team, can focus on creating your top quality video. We’ve outlined our starting processes below so that you can understand how your project will progress.

STEP 1 - Choosing Style
To start our collaboration, explore our starting rates here. If you need a quote tailored to your needs and requirements, we’ll send you a customized quote within days. Request one here. Already know the package you want to choose, or have requested a quote? Perfect! Then let’s go to step 2!
STEP 2 - Service Agreement
Once we have discussed and agreed upon the video style, length/duration and project cost, we’ll send you our Service Agreement indicating our terms and conditions, as well as the details of your project and scope of our services. After you have agreed to our terms and provided your signature, you can email it back to us at info@modeomedia.com.
STEP 3 - Exploring Your Story
Please fill out our simple questionnaire to give us further details about your company and video project. You can answer it at this link, or you can download the document here if you wish to answer it later. It can be emailed back to us at info@modeomedia.com.
STEP 4 - Payment Terms
Before we begin your project, you’ll be asked to submit a 50% upfront payment. You can choose whether to pay you’re the total sum for your project in 2 terms or 1 term. You can pay with a credit card, or via PayPal by sending it to this email address: payment@modeomedia.com
STEP 5 - Collaboration
We work with a professional project management system called Basecamp. This system is used to coordinate all aspects of the production and offers complete transparency.
Congratulations! You’re now very close to having your own video that explains your business, product or service. If you have questions, e-mail us at info@modeomedia.com. Need to know more about how we work? Check out our Process Page!
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