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We’ve developed an efficient, streamlined process for creating top quality explainer videos that perfectly communicate your brand’s message. With 8 simple steps, we will get your project from the concept stage to completion, and your total satisfaction.



Here at Modeo Media, we don’t stop until we get it right. We use a streamlined process that is designed to minimize any need for revisions, but … if we didn’t quite hit the mark the first time, we will revise your video until we do. We allow UNLIMITED revisions for each step of the process, however, please note that revising an approved step might mean revising the whole process (extra fees will apply).

1. Project Planning
Our team members will review all your supporting documents, and discuss your preferences and requirements for the new explainer video. During this phase, we will address all the details of the project so that you know what to expect, and to ensure that we deliver a video of perfect quality. We'll ask you about what type of video you're looking for, what art styles you prefer, I would say something like and all the other important elements that make up a great video. You’ll be directly in touch with our project manager, who will guide you through the entire process of your video’s creation, and will be your main point of contact for the duration of the project.
2. Script Writing
We enlist the help of professional scriptwriters to come up with an ideal script for your explainer video. Before writing begins, we collaborate with you to determine a suitable length for your explainer video. For a 60 second video, our writers will produce a script of about 150 words. For longer videos than mentioned above, scripts will be scaled proportionally. Next, we will assess what key points should be covered in the script, and what information is most important to provide to those who will be watching. After settling upon what the length and key points are, our script writers will be able to convey your message most effectively.
3. Storyboarding
Our storyboard artist takes the key elements of your message and develop the best sequence for telling your brand’s story. With an eye for choreography and composition, they will design the layout and sequence of all panels: the representations of every scene in your video. Your storyboard will be specifically tailored to match the type of explainer video you desire, and the method you’ve chosen for communicating your company’s message. With the storyboard, our artist will create a structure through which your video can be most attractive and attention-grabbing, and therefor, most effective at compelling customers to tune in.
4. Voice Over
After your script is polished and ready, one of our professional voice actors will use their talent to provide a smooth narration for your video: one that exactly matches the style and vibe. Our pool of voice actor talent is diverse; any gender, any timbre, any personality can be used in the reading of your video’s script. If you’re not certain as to what you’re looking for, we can make suggestions to you on which type of voice over will best suit your video’s style and category. For those that need to reach an international audience, we also provide voice overs in many different languages (extra fees will apply).
5. Illustration
Based on your input and the planning of the storyboard, our artists draw up flawless illustrations to aid the narration of your video, static and/or animated. Illustrations of any art style can be provided, so that you can obtain the right look for your brand and message. If it seems necessary to achieve the best result, our original illustrations may also be paired with stock images, photos, and video clips, which we will purchase. This is typical for presentation-style explainer videos. Overall, all imagery we develop or source for your video will be perfectly in line with your vision.
6. Animation
It's amazing how even a small amount of animation can help in clarifying your message. All illustrations, photos, and graphics will be animated by our specialists to best convey your message. Transitions will be flawless, moving graphics will be right on cue, and all models and illustrated characters will be brought to life. To make your video dynamic and seamless, we use only the best software and techniques in the industry. The result will be a video enhanced with animations that have true “wow” power, something every successful explainer video needs.
7. Sound Effects
If there’s anything that can add that extra touch of something special to your video … it’s the right sound effects. We go through every part of your video and determine which part may need sound effects, and what type. Often, sound effects are used for video introductions, transitions, and any noteworthy animation. We'll work with you to determine if these moments or sequences in your video could be enhanced with sound effects. Our team will select high quality sound effects that are most fitting for your video scenes and dynamics, producing a polished end result that is ready for your seal of approval.
8. Delivery
At this stage, all work in the previous steps will have been culminated in the completion of your professional explainer video. It will be packaged and delivered, ready for you to upload anywhere you wish and present to the world. You’ll be able to review it from start to finish for your complete fulfillment. Our project manager will check in with you to ensure that all of your requirements were met, and that the video meets all of the expectations outlined by you in the initial planning stage and throughout the creation process. We’re certain you’ll be delighted!
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