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5 Ways To Level Up Your Brand with 3D Animation

With technological modernization, many businesses level up their brand with 3D Animation. There are many ways that it was proven to help them boost up their revenue.  Studies show that 55% of people watch videos in their everyday lives.  Videos add great ways to grab your target market’s attention.

Moreover,  3D animation gives a more detailed visualization of any model you want people to see. A 3D Animation is proven to hold people’s attention for longer as compared to other video styles which then leads to better sales by up to 40%.

Now with the facts laid out, let us start talking about other substantial ways to level up your brand with 3D animation.

Let us help you start leveling up your brand by taking notes with our 5 ways to help out your business!

1. 3D Animation stands out from the usual 2D Animations.

Just like technologies, audiences are also evolving. The taste that people have when it comes to their preferences is also improving.  In a world of 2D and usual video presentations, you should know how to take the lead.

Level up your brand with 3D animation by presenting a new approach as compared with the usual ones.  It was based on an MIT study that 3D catches a better attention grab than 2d presentations. It offers a higher success rate of conversion up to 62%.  So in a world where 2D animations are usual, grab the opportunity to use 3D for better attention-grabbing and better recall to your target audiences.

2. Present the impossible with 3D Animations


One of the most common problems among brands and businesses is the way on how to present technical products. With the use of 3D animation, it is now possible to deliver a comprehensive layer-by-layer explanation and presentation of whatever product or items they wish to show to their audiences.

Visualizing the impossible is possible with 3D animation. You can dissect planets, body parts, and even anything you want. Imagine putting up your product under 3D animation to show its content and other specifications?  Isn’t it a win-win situation?  Seriously, your imagination is truly the limit with 3D.

This way, you can level up your brand with 3D animation by presenting a better approach.

3. Ride with the trend

Modern technology makes 3D animation more accessible to those who need it. The market share of 3D animation keeps on growing year by year. With many people getting aware of the 3D trend, you should take your time to ride on with the trend. The trend is not just simply about what’s “in” or “out” in a specific industry. It gives you an overview of what your audiences want. So knowing how to ride the tide will level up your brand with 3D animation.

One thing to note though is that you should always present your 3D animation as professionally made. Using AI 3D animation software is a smart move, but hiring professionals to do it for you will be a great investment.

Let the experts do the work for you!

4. 3D Animation sparks up delight

It is not just important to present your products or ideas in a technical matter. You should also add delight to your 3D animations. The “WOW” factor that you are looking for could be easily done with a 3D animation.

If you have “WOWED” your audiences,  they might even watch it more than once. They might also share it, or both. With these reactions, you are not just presenting, but you are leaving a part of your brand into their memories.

This way you are elevating your brand by letting other people do the marketing for you!

5. 3D animations are useful for all industries


The flexibility of 3D animation is boundless. Whether you have a technical product or idea, or not – you can always use 3D.

Here are some identified ways how it will work for you:

Technical Products: You can dissect your items and present them in whatever ways you want them.   So, for example, you could import the CAD file for a product and render a realistic, animated version of it. From there, you could break out the finest detail of that animation to demonstrate not just the function but the tiniest inner workings of the thing. Here’s a great sample to see how it works in action.

Non-Technical Products: For non-technical presentations, the style itself is what it sells.  You can seamlessly mix the animation into live-action footage which is something that goes in into your script or idea.  You can do everything that you want. Turn your logo or characters into a sand, or present your idea using unimaginable things such as fairies or monsters. Why not?

With all of these things presented, you can always level up your brand with 3D animation.  You just have to consider contacting the right people to have it created for you.

You can also start by learning what could make your videos stand out!