Modeo Media was founded on 2012 when promotional animated videos were emerging. Hence, Modeo Media’s name was derived from Promo Video’s last syllables. Dennis, with years of industry experience and expertise in animation, officially established the company on 2014 and began expanding its market to the rest of the world. Along with the rising demand in promotional videos, came the term “explainer videos” which Modeo Media uses to market its expertise along with design and editing services.

Our mission is to consistently focus on exceeding the expectations of our clients, small or big, by delivering a wide range of animation-related services and visual content produced using modern technology, up-to-date software, and the skill set of carefully selected team of professional artists, each with a unique profile and contribution.

Our vision is to become a benchmark among visual content providers around the globe, be grown as a team of unique individuals who share the same goals by helping companies connect with their audiences through digital work of art and, impact the youth with our knowledge in animation and design.

We’re a group of passionate individuals who illustrate concepts, design brands, recreate messages thru video editing and most especially, we animate ideas that sells. We explore different ways of serving our clients from the complex games & apps to the most detail-focused tech industry – any field, to be exact. With the science of conversion, our illustration is more informative, the infographics we produce persuades and our 2D animation are flexible to suit any purpose.
Dennis Azaña
Creative Director
Alexandra Goingo
Storyboard / Illustrator
Daryl Colinares
Flash Animator
Angelli Awa
3D Animator
Trixie Abordo
Amiel Bongon
Xyra Segarra
Rigel Zape
3D Animator
Joshua Sayson
Mark Maderazo
Joey Federis
Chester Deuda
Marketing Coordinator
Dredjette Andal
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