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Full Page Illustration

A full page, often with a complete bleed, is frequently the best size for presenting storytelling or artwork. Whether the text is included in the illustration or is shown fully on a separate page, it offers the room and impact needed to captivate the audience. Depending on your preference, we can present it for you on one page or two complete pages.

Product Details

Description Quantity Total

Full Page($115.00) 1 $115.00

Add-Ons (Illustration)

Spot Page ($55.00) 0 $0.00

Half Page ($85.00) 0 $0.00

Book Cover($235.00) 0 $0.00

Spread ($210.00) 0 $0.00

Book Layout ($275.00) 0 $0.00

Total Amount: 1 USD115.00

Order Summary

Description Quantity (x) Total

Full Page 1 $115.00

Add-Ons (Illustration)

addon Page 0 $0.00

addon Page 0 $0.00

Book Cover 0 $0.00

Spread 0 $0.00

Book Layout 0 $0.00

Total Amount: $1 USD85.00

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