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For Content Creators who want to Focus on Creating Engaging
and High-quality Content.

How to
Get Unlimited
Video Edits
to Improve
Your Content
...WITHOUT Wasting Your Time and Money on Trial and Error

When it comes to filming as a content creator or a business owner, editing videos is definitely no fun. You spend so much
time editing when you should be coming up with new ideas for your next video.

Plus, hiring and managing multiple editors can be a big challenge, especially when they're unreliable
and lead to inconsistent video quality across your content.

You Get More
Focus on Ideas

You can create content faster and stress-free than ever before through our creation process handling everything from video editing to graphic design, ensuring your viewers receive the best possible experience!

You Get to
Work with Professionals

You'll have a dedicated graphic and video editor with expertise working with various platforms. You won't waste energy going back and forth; instead, your video footage will be of high quality and delivered quickly. Know that when you need them most, the greatest videos will be sent to you.

You Get
Unlimited Request

You can request any amount of video editing with your tutorials, reviews, hauls, lifestyle, travel, commentary, challenges, and more! We provide a plan that lets you request as many revisions as you'd want that let you make as many adjustments as you'd like.

You Get
High Quality Videos

Without having to worry about copyright issues, you deserve unique graphics, animations, and titles, as well as lower thirds or burned-in subtitles! To match your style, your material will include interesting transitions, overlays, stock video, sound effects, and even color and audio correction!

Did you know...

...that Basic Video Editing ranges from $25 to $50 per hour or about $50 to $200 per video with trimming, transitions, simple color correction, and audio changes?

...that Intermediate Video Editing is more expensive and usually costs $50 to $100 per hour or a flat rate of $200 up to $500 for one video with advanced techniques like motion graphics, text overlays, multi-camera synchronization, and special effects?

...that Advanced Video Editing can cost between $100 and $150 an hour or a set price between $500 to $25k for each video with challenging visual effects, 3D animation, advanced color grading, compositing, and post-production work?

We got you covered!

From basic up to advanced video editing with UNLIMITED requests and revisions, you can get top-notch video editing tailored
to meet your needs for a cost-effective monthly rate to take your content a step further.