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Let’s hear from our clients and their stories

MODEO MEDIA has worked with various clients and partners over the years, and we feel immensely thankful for the trust and support. From start-up businesses to industry leaders all over the world, hear from our clients’ experiences while collaborating with us.


"The company has a healthy environment where everyone is welcoming, approachable, and easy to get along with. I noticed that I've acquired confidence in my stay here. Sir Denz appreciated my work even when I am doubtful about it, and I believe that everyone needs that type of encouragement. Thank you po, Sir Denz! I hope that this company continues to grow because the company and its people are so talented and deserves recognition so much more.


"The supervisor always provides helpful inputs and tips, allowing us to better improve our outputs and push our strengths to the surface. They provide enough time for us to review our outputs and discuss some career tips that could help us in our future career plans. The organization has helped me manage my time wisely, all while reminding me not to overthink about the details too much, and lastly, they helped me better interact with others on a professional level. Everyone has been really supportive on pushing us to improve our skills. They provide a safe environment of interaction, and their finals outputs always seem to exceed my expectations, driving me to do better on my next task/design."


"Modeo Media allowed me to realize a possible career goal of working as a freelance graphic designer, illustrator or multimedia artist. Isa sa mga pinaka natuwa ako na nakakuha ako ng experience na maka work yung mga other interns/employees and maraming nadagdagan na knowledge about sa paglalayout ng designs sa Illustrator. Thank you po sa inyong lahat.


"The work environment isn't toxic, that's why I am always motivated to work and be at my best. They helped me grow in my field — art and design — by teaching me stuff that I did not know before. I learned a lot and made me feel like I can improve as a professional on my chosen career path."


"The vision of Modeo Media shows that the company is very serious when it comes to work of art, and to give artists a place where they can share their talents and inspire the world. They allowed us to experience to work for a client and pushes us to improve our works. The organization always pushed me to work hard and to make my designs more appealing and improved. Their team is full of dedicated members and works really hard. The experience I had will definitely help me in the future. Thank you again for giving me the chance to be an intern at Modeo Media."


"The supervisor is really dedicated, kind, and patient. I truly appreciate how he trained us and was able to provide us with specific suggestions on how to further develop our skills. Modeo Media produce good quality in their projects, they made sure that they meet the demands and needs of the client. The employees are exceptionally friendly, approachable, and talented individuals! I'm really glad to work here in Modeo Media."


"The workplace has a collaborative nature where constructive feedback is given and everyone is fully engaged in delivering the best of their works while just enjoying the process. Modeo Media has the best people to work with. They provide you constructive criticisms gently to know that your work can be improved and you can achieve your full potential even more."


"The tasks given to me allowed me to go out of my comfort zone. The things I liked the most about working here are the approachable co-wokers, shift hours, and huddle time. In this organization, everyone is welcomed, encouraged and appreciated. Thank you for always encouraging us interns to participate in the activities. Keep on inspiring the creatives po!"


"Modeo Media has helped me in trying out new art styles, conforming to a "brand", and the team's professionalism. They have also helped me in terms of professionalism and understanding what a would-be client wants. The employees give off a kind atmosphere and positive workplace in the office environment. Thank you all!"


"The organization trained me to be a proficient worker as the deadlines, teamwork and professionalism helped me in moving forward. There was so much teamwork and openness in Modeo that helped me become better. It was a good place to work in because of the diverse culture and creative environment."


"The company values the relationship among the team. Also, it doesn't matter how far you are from each other because the connections are still there. I'm glad that I experienced the real world even in a short period of time, working in a professional environment, handling different tasks in marketing, and being exposed to the function or work under the Marketing Department."


"This organization support my professional development because they treat also as their team member and critic my work in a professional manner. The team members here are very friendly and accommodating. They are very professional in handling the interns’ task and approach each other with boundaries and limits. Working here as an intern is very fun. Thank you, Modeo Media for accepting me as your intern!"


"It was a great experience joining the company that guided us in exploring our skills in every task they give. Some of the members helped me to improve my skills in communicating and in designing."


"This company really had me open my eyes to a new world, especially in work. It enhanced my skills in creativity and also in terms of Illustrator. The organization supports me in my career path and also development professionally as everyone guided us. They communicate very strongly, have goals that everyone can meet, and seems to be comfortable with each other I will forever treasure this training and use it for my career path. Thank you for everything! I will miss Modeo Media."


"Modeo Media gave me the chance to work on various projects and tasks that allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills I acquired in school. The feedback and guidance provided by my mentors have been instrumental in shaping my growth as an individual. The skills and knowledge I gained during this internship will be a foundation for my future success. I will miss you all! I am confident that this experience will be invaluable as I move forward in my career. Once again, thank you very much! It's me E-jay, signing off."


"The company helped me a lot in building a professional and competent attitude for my chosen career. Thank you pong sobra sa lahat ng pag aalaga niyo po sakin, kay sir Denz, kay ate Rej, kay ate Jen, and lahat po kayo. Marami po akong natutunan sainyo pong lahat. Maraming salamat po sa mga invaluable comments, critiques, advises, and tips na nakapag tulong po sakin i-nurture ang skill sets ko. Truly po, lahat po kayong mga pogi’t magaganda tulad ko. Nakapagtulong po ito sa akin na kung pano maging isang good, functional, and professional team member sa isang serious and legit team, na composed of legit skilled and experienced team members. Thank you po, Modeo Media. And for the rest of the interns, keep fighting. God bless you all!"


"This organization has allowed me to progress and grow at my own pace while still assisting me along the way. The insights, suggestions, and ideas provided by the people I have worked with have been extremely helpful to me and my future professional aspirations. I enjoyed the learning sessions since they have supplied me with a range of knowledge on a variety of topics. Moreover, the people I've worked with have been kind and patient with my concerns and questions. I am extremely grateful to the team for having me here and allowing me to work with professionals. During my internship, I had a pleasant, productive, and informative experience. Thank you so much for the opportunities!"


"Modeo Media helped us gain new skills through continuing education and expand our knowledge in our chosen field. I feel valued and respected as an intern. I enjoyed what I do and surrounded by a fantastic team of understanding and amazing people. Modeo media supports the intern and treated us very well. I'm grateful I had the opportunity to work with you guys and I can confidently say I wouldn't have grown and learned as much as I have these past 3 months without your feedback and guidance. Best of luck! And I look forward to our paths crossing again."


"This company helped me grow as an artist. This is a fun, positive, healthy company. Their honest feedback, criticism, lectures and by being a role model are significant to my growth. I'm proud that I work in Modeo Media with amazing, skillful, talented individuals. This is indeed a healthy working environment because the people are full of positivity, humility, and growth, an important aspect of a successful company that will become big time in the future. The company has great leadership, good policy and system, productive and skilled members. Salamat po kay Sir Denz, Kay Ma’am Rej, Kay Ma’am Jenny, Ma’am Pia, Sir Irb, Sir Chris, Sir JT, Ma’am Rhian at sa inyo pong lahat. You have a good work ethic and teamwork. More success to come in your company."


"I am really grateful that I get to work under Modeo Media, it is a good note working in a very positive and fun organization. For sure I'll be carrying on this feeling and will sure be missed. Thank you so much po sa guidance all the way from the beginning till the very end, the experience that I've learned here and the fun times were priceless and for sure na di ko malilimutan. Thank you so much po, Modeo Media! Kina Sir Denz, Ma'am Rej, Ate Jenny, Ate Pia, Kuys Irb, Kuya JT and kay Ate Mary. Wish ko po ang more and more success of this great Company and keep up the service!"


"I learned and gained so much experience and knowledge in the creative workforce. Working at Modeo Media has been a very welcoming experience with me. The team is very approachable and has been kind and patient with me. I admire that the company is very open in accepting interns to work with their team. Working in the company has greatly helped on enhancing my multimedia skills. I was able to challenge and improve my skills, artistically and personally. I only wish the best for Modeo Media and for the company's continued growth and success!"


"The organization taught me to improve myself and they opened my eyes that it is not easy but with the great help of the team you will succeed. The team is very kind, passionate, and friendly. Thank you so much team. To my fellow interns, just enjoy and appreciate the experience you gain working here at Modeo Media."


"I am proud to get a chance to work at this company because they never left anyone behind, ready to help and have concerns of everyone’s well-being. It's a stress-free environment. I will never forget the lessons and new discoveries that I have gained, especially new friends. I would like to thank Sir Denz, ma'am Rej, ma'am Jenny, ate Mary, ma'am Pia, Sir Irb, and everyone in Modeo Media, that helped me improve myself during the journey. It's been fun months for me."


"Modeo Media has given me the opportunity to have a glimpse on what it is like to work in a professional environment. This internship has really made me feel that I was actually working in an organization and throughout this experience, I have learned a lot from both marketing and production tasks. I really felt I was productive here and that my creative skills have improved. Modeo Media does a great job balancing both work and fun. For the past 3 months, I have not only learned a lot of new skills from everyone but also enjoyed my internship as well. I’m really going to miss the huddles and getting to laugh along with the team and my fellow interns. Thank you to sir Denz, Ma’am Rej, Sir Irb, Ma’am Rhian, Sir JT, Ate Mary, Ate Pia and everyone in Modeo Media"


"The team in Modeo Media is very fun to be with especially in huddles, I wished I knew them more as I can feel that they are very good people that can share their own experiences to us interns. I was able to learn the workflow and immerse myself in a team-centered company that helped me improve myself as a designer and a person. It has been a quite an experience working with such a dedicated and close-knitted team. Thank you to the whole team and my fellow interns, you guys are really friendly and fun to be with, I wished we had more time to get to know each other."


"The company’s casual but professional work environment made me enjoy my time as intern way more cause of how nice and casual the staff and other interns were but still being professional enough that I felt like I needed to work well too. This organization also helps you grow professionally through different means. I'm glad that I chose to work here and I'm proud that I did. Thank you again to everyone here at Modeo Media!"


"Thank you po sa Modeo Media team! I was comfortable in my time here and ang bait bait nyo po lahat even on the feedbacks and adjustments I needed to do for the tasks and I was able to learn so many things to know I was lacking so much but this just also mean I need to practice harder and learn even more. Thank you po ulit and keep up the good work because I can see you guys be even more successful in the future."


"Modeo Media has a fun working environment. Everyone is very supportive, which helps me be motivated and productive. Thank you po because I am leaving this internship with a sense of accomplishment and personal growth. Thank you po sa buong Modeo Media team for guiding me and providing insightful feedback on the tasks I worked on. This internship has helped me become a better artist."


"The organization is very accommodating with members that care about the well-being of its employees and interns. I feel like I was able to grow a lot as a graphic designer in this organization. The organization gave a lot of opportunities to learn, so I was able to improve my abilities in graphic design, video editing, and illustrating with the marketing department and my background designing and layer splicing in productions."


"This experience gave me a better idea of what it means to work as an artist. Thank you din po sa lahat ng feedback, I can definitely say that this internship has helped me spot gaps in my skillset and will allow me to continue improving as a creative. Hopefully, when I enter the workforce, I'll end up with coworkers that are as supportive as you are to each other. Stay strong po, Modeo Media Team! Thank you po ulit! Wishing you all the success."


"Modeo Media has been a help for my development not only in the professional field but also personally. Kahit short lang ang stay ko as an intern here in Modeo Media, madami po ako natutunan and nakatulong din sa pag-improve ng skills ko. I want to thank everyone from the staff to my fellow interns! Thank you for having me! I hope that Modeo Media will continue to grow and improve!"


"Modeo Media helped me by giving me the experience and knowledge of a a creative studio-based works and communicates in an online WFH setting on top of getting valuable feedback. I really admire and appreciate the different animation and illustration outputs that were made. Despite my short stay, I can confidently say that I learned to grow as an artist with all of your help and feedback. I eventually hope to meet up with people just as driven and supportive as you all are! Keep doing what you're doing. Be more ambitious with the future of the company."


"Everyone in Modeo Media is very kind and encouraging, it really helps improving the mood and in turn boosts the motivation to do our best and finish the tasks at hand. I would like to thank everyone here for the opportunity and experience to work with such lovely and kind people, even if we're far away from each other. Thank you po sa guidance and the insigtful feedback ninyo, I learned a lot during my time here, as well as gained and improved some skills as an artist and designer. I hope that everyone will continue to flourish and hopefully, may we cross paths someday again."


"Modeo Media has created a sense of community where an intern like me can grow and learn. I learned that this team is like a well-oiled machine. Everyone's doing their part of work. I feel a sense of belonging too when I started working here. The 460 hours I have worked with all of you have been some of the best hours of my life. Thank you po for all of your feedback and encouragement. You really helped me grow a lot as an artist. Wish all of you the best of luck in the future! God bless you all."


"All throughout my time here I was given proper guidance and allowed me to feel at ease in this working environment as I did my tasks. This environment is inclusive when it comes to taking in people who still need more improving. Thank you again to everyone here at Modeo Media! I hope if I start working full-time, I'll have coworkers who are just as helpful, supportive, and firendly! I wish everyone the best of luck! Stay safe and God bless!"


"Modeo Media is a kind company that helps college students like me experience how it is to work in an arts career. Thank you to Sir Denz for being patient with me and to Ms. Rej, Ms. Jenny, Sir Irb and everyone in Modeo Media. I hope everyone stays healthy and hydrated. I wish you all the best!"


"The company does not only supports my professional development but also my well-being as their intern. I never really expected that I am able to enjoy working in this company. Not only did they help me develop my professional goals but they also know how to have fun. . Ganitong work environment po ang gusto kong ma experience if i ever got a chance to work full-time. I feel so welcome here and everyone is so nice and friendly. Thank you all po so much! More power and projects to come here in Modeo Media. Manifesting it."


"The company has an outstanding client service, providing exceptional support and assistance to the clients throughout their journey with the company. During my time here, I have had the opportunity to work on challenging projects alongside some of the brightest minds in the industry. The knowledge and skills I have gained will undoubtedly serve as a solid foundation for my future endeavors. I am truly grateful for the trust placed in me by our organization and for providing me with such a fulfilling experience. As we part ways, please know that Modeo Media and each one of you holds a special place in my heart. Thank you once again for everything. It has been an honor working with all of you. Wishing everyone continued success!"

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