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Video Design
Basic Editing Standard Editing Advanced Editing
Basic Editing

Basic video editing tasks include cutting, color grading, and adding subtitles. Completing a one-minute edit usually takes 1-2 hours; rendering and quality assurance (QA) are included. If there are any changes made after the render, they won't be included in the estimated time. See More Videos

Standard Editing

Standard video editing includes basic edits plus graphics, transitions, and the option to add stock videos and photos. A one-minute standard edit usually takes around 3–5 hours, including rendering and checking the quality. Revisions done after that won't count toward this estimated time. See More Videos

Advanced Editing

Advanced video editing can include basic and standard editing, plus special graphics and animation. It takes 5–10 hours to do a one-minute advanced edit with custom elements, while a fully animated video could take from 35 to 150 hours, depending on its complexity. This estimate includes the time to render and check for issues. However, this estimated time does not include any changes made after rendering. See More Videos

Basic Design Standard Design Advanced Design Animated GIF
Basic Design

This option has images from your brand, company, products, or services that are either stock photos or ones you already have. We'll do research, plan, and brainstorm, which usually takes 15–30 minutes. Revisions won't be included in this time frame. See More Images

Standard Design

We can make custom graphic designs for events, promotions, or products for this option. It usually takes 2–3 hours to complete one design, but it depends on its complexity. Revision time isn't included in this estimate. See More Images

Advanced Design

We create fully illustrated visuals for social media campaigns, such as banners and posts. Designing these usually takes 3-5 hours, including brainstorming, sketching, and illustrations. Revisions are not part of the estimated time. See More Images

Animated GIF

We can animate any graphic design that is 5–10 seconds long. Basic designs take 30 minutes to an hour, standard designs need 1-2 hours, and advanced designs require 3-5 hours to complete. Revisions are also not included in this time estimate. See More Images