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Cihan Atkin

“Just a short while ago, we were a new startup looking to get attention and create a lasting image. We wanted to share our idea with the world. We needed a short 90 second video that could explain our entire idea. After doing some research and talking with media companies, we noticed making a video was difficult and expensive. We were getting quotes talking about astronomical costs way out of our startup budget. Then we found ModeoMedia; a professional company with tons of experience and a great reputation for consistently doing excellent work. From the minute we contacted ModeoMedia, every step of the way was professional. They were always concerned with our needs and what image we wanted the video to portray. The message and our satisfaction was more important than just making a video. We were contacted by a professional narrator and script writer with years of experience in the industry. He edited our script to fit into 90 seconds and still get the full message across. The design team brought the story to life creating an excellent animated story line. The video was done on time and on budget. After they delivered the final product, they continued to provide us professional service and made numerous changes to make sure our video was perfect. ModeoMedia went above and beyond our expectations to create an amazing video. The experience was so good; we came back to them for our website development which was also very difficult. Once again, ModeoMedia did an excellent job and delivered a cutting edge website optimized for today’s social media and mobile platforms. We recommend ModeoMedia to everyone looking for great quality service that gets results. We have built a long-lasting relationship with ModeoMedia and look forward to our next project together.”