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Animated Explainer Videos: Boost Your Marketing Conversions in 3 Easy Ways

Animated explainer videos are making their way on top of how brands and businesses are marketing their ideas. With the presence of many options to choose from when it comes to services and products, being an outstanding brand remains the challenge. The options offered to the market are not the problem, but choosing what’s the best one out there is the actual villain in decision making.

Animated explainer videos are proven to make a good impact on conversion rates.  With all of the confusion happening around you, you want to be the clear answer. To address this issue, a clear message is needed. Well, that does not stop there. So if you are struggling to make the conversion for your service, your business, or even your e-commerce brand an animated explainer video could do a lot of help!

What is an animated explainer video?


An animated explainer video is a short video used to market or explain a specific concept, message, or product for a brand. It delivers your agenda to your target audiences by using animated characters and visuals for storytelling. They help businesses create emotional connections to their audiences. It also helps the brand to put an entertaining way to interact with the target audience. Statistics show that some companies boosted their sales and conversions by 144% when they started using explainer videos.

Animated explainer videos, as the name implies, are made up of animation. It also targets the three main concepts and questions that help your target audience answer the questions that they have. They all follow a common structure of the W-H-W principle.

  • What: What’s the audience’s problem?

  • How: How will your product or service fix it?

  • Why: Why should the audience choose you?

Now that you know what an animated explainer video is, let us now discuss how it can boost your brand’s conversion rate in three important ways.


1. Animated explainer videos are the new user manuals


reading manual

We all know that one of the main challenges that marketers have is the ability to present ideas in an easy-to-understand form. It helps us create a concise platform to present a solution to these common problems in product or service presentations. Many e-commerce brands or even service providers are now using animated explainer videos to create a manual. It can also be used as a user guide for the products or services that they offer.

Videos user manuals are gaining a lot of positive impacts when it comes to putting your target audience to a decision to purchase. It makes your product stand out from the rest of the competition as it puts up credibility for your brand. Apart from this, companies using videos are more likely to show up on search engine results pages.  This means that animated
explainer videos can show up higher on your customer’s queries on search engines!


2. Explainer videos are more viral and relatable


social media reactions


For sure you want to create emotional connections with your audiences. Connecting with them does not only create purchases but also long-term relationships. This means that you can create loyalty for the brand. If these videos are relatable, then you are creating a link between you and your target audience. When a connection is established, then it is easier to get in touch with them in the future. With this kind of approach, it is becoming easier to reach and create a lead pool for the business.

Another great thing about explainer videos is that they are fun! When content online is fun, then it is more likely to be shared. And once these contents are shared, it now creates a ripple effect on your brand’s marketing campaigns.  It also enables other people to see it organically coming from the shares and interactions coming from your organic audiences. With this kind of movement, you are also able to save marketing funds. The amplification of animated explainer video virality adds up to good marketing practice. Thus, helping you save some cash for marketing funds.  While doing that, it also helps you create more people to reach, thus more chances of conversion for the brand!


3. Animated explainer videos add personality


branding personality


Yes, animated explainer videos add personality to a brand. With this being said, a brand without a personality is just a store. Boring. No touches of light, no fanciness, and no variety. This means that you are just plainly presenting your products or services. Unlike if you have some explainer videos, the target audience will perceive the business as more personal. It also gives them a hint that you know what they are exactly in need of. If you present your brand to be more fun and with a bit more personality, it will speak to them!

So when you already established that your brand is a fun brand, expect people to speak about it. It will be a go-factor for them to trust the brand more. Think of your brand as a live person. Isn’t it so boring to have no personality at all? Will you stand out? For sure you’ll not. So if you are looking to introduce your brand to more people, better use explainer videos. Think of your brand as a representation of you. Whatever it is that comes up on your brand, then it will be a personal approach.

So whatever industry you belong to, surely an animated explainer video will be the best solution. Apart from the versatility it offers, it adds a lot of dimension to your brand’s success. Get to know more about how you can get an explainer video for your brand!

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