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Infographics for Businesses: 5 Ways It Can Help Your Brand

Getting your message spread across your audiences and keeping them well-informed can be achieved by using infographics for businesses. Before we dive deeper into the beneficial effects,  let us define first what “infographics” is.  According to the Oxford English Dictionary, an infographic (or information graphic) is “a visual representation of information or data”.  Moreover, it is a collection of charts, imagery,  and little texts to give an easy-to-understand view of a specific message or topic.

It is proven and tested through time that the visual presentation of messages is more effective than texts. Infographics in general can get your message to be understood 3x more easily.   With this principle, it tells that humans have a shorter attention span than a goldfish!

With scientific explanation, a business only has 8 seconds to deliver a message to its audiences. A simpler representation of a brand’s message to its audience can be captured using infographics for businesses. Now, you are ready to see what are the five ways that infographics for businesses can help your message be understood better!


1. Message Marketability


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It was proven by time that infographics are 30 x more likely to be understood than an article. A sea of text is a boring sight for the human brain to process.  A picture including your message can grab someone’s attention immediately while retaining a better comprehension level towards the reader.  And once that reader related to your content, it is more likely for him to share it with other people. Imagine presenting your brand facts and statistics to a potential investor using infographics for business? Isn’t it more catchy and relatable than using a full column of articles?


2. Stabilizes your brand awareness


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With the ongoing battle for brand awareness across social media, using infographics for businesses can be a game-changer.  If you use infographics, you are more likely to add all of your marketing branding elements such as logos,  and colors associated with your brand.  If the message that you put into the infographics is well put up and is recognized by people to be helpful for them, then you are also putting a positive image for your brand.  An effective infographic come associated with professionalism and knowledgeability. Thus, you are creating a ripple of positive brand awareness for your businesses.


3. Refreshing view on business presentations


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Well, the world of business and brands is already full of boring presentations.  It has been ages and ages that corpocracy is using boring texts, pie charts,  bar graphs, and other Jurassic elements to put up on presentations.  According to, visuals and infographics are some of the greatest elements one can add to make an effective business presentation.  So always take note that using infographics for businesses is not just about the looks, but also with the understanding it brings to the people you are dealing with.


4. Increased traffic on the website and better SEO Ranking


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Just like what we mentioned from the earlier points, infographics are more likely to be shared organically by business audiences.  With this cycle happening, then you are also opening up a possibility of a better website reach and linking from other websites. This method is a good way to make your website even stronger and healthier when it comes to search engine rankings.


5.  Communication made easier


Communication made easier


A long list of statistics and articles is now considered an eye-sore to most viewers. The innovations that tech and social media brought to people’s attention span changed the way how humans process data.  An infographic can capture a long paragraph of processes using images and other media.  It substitutes a long paragraph to a single snapshot of a solid idea and statistics.


If you are looking to boost your brand and have your message be sent across your audiences effectively, you should start using infographics for businesses. There are effective animation and marketing agencies that can help you out with different marketing needs!


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